Tuesday, November 29, 2016

News Regarding The WG Planned Ban Wave Part 3


- First data say's that Wotspeak/Tundra users got banned.

From the Wotspeak admin justdj:

*Say HI to aimBOT's,
OK. We need to remove Tank Ace's mod by WG and autoaim's. So far, that's it. When we get new info - list will be updated.
He is from WG (tank ace's mod). From the start I found it suspicious that they made a mod from scratch for a one month event, but a lot of people said that I should add it to the mod pack...


P0LIR0ID whistleblower, leaking his data base to WG, he got 16k people banned !!!
Do not use mods from this author.

(from the official WG forum)

So far, mostly aimBOT users are affected (4cheat.ru forum info), still gathering info who and why got hit.


IMPORTANT: check if you have WoT_reporter.wgc file in the main WoT game folder. Wipe it and put it on READ ONLY.


  1. What a dick .. fucking cunt needs to get swated

  2. Plazma had one of his mods up (Poliroid), thankfully I didn't try it because there was no description as to what it did and when I asked what it did no one replied lol No idea why he would leak his user base to WG?

  3. Delete file if you have WoT_report.wgc in Games\World_of_Tanks

  4. is the ban only for mods that you PAY to use?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. and what about bot players? or bots are not problem just mods?? shit this wot. total unplayable on last tiem.. 20battle from 20 lost. and its one what a tier what a tank use.. lost all battle. epic lose

    1. don't blame WOT , it just your problem and properly mentally.

  7. WoT_report.wgc is created when using WGCheck, https://eu.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/596

  8. Yeah, wot report sends the test result to your wot folder, it does NOT go to WG unless you send it to support... lol