Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Auxilium By ShuraBB

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Current features:
The function "saveLastServer" - job server for the login and remembering user's choice;
The function "AutoEquip" - automatic installation of removable equipment for the selected tank;
The function "AutoCrew" - automatic return of the last of the crew to the selected tank;
The option to disable the Handbrake in sniper mode;
Seting the duration of display light bulbs "6th sense";
Seting the duration of displaying indicators of attack;
Function disable effect of hit of a shell in you;
Function disable flash effect when a shell hit you;
Function disable of the effect of the inertia of the camera;
Function disable of the recoil effect from the shot;
The disabling effect of the blackout in the sniper scope;
Function to enable horizontal stabilization for all tanks;
Seting the list of values zoom in sniper mode;
Seting fixed zoom value at switching in sniper mode;
Setting the "camera height" above the tank;
Setting the range of variation of the distance of the camera;
Specifies the size of the players panel at boot and the beginning of the battle;
Function "Contacts" - the allocation of the player from a predefined list to the contact list on the loading screen and "ears" of commands.


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