Thursday, March 16, 2017

9.17.1 GeeMod C


9.17.1 GeeMod C


-Automatic Mod Updater
-Load / Safe your Config
-Image / Video and Audio Preview
-Create and Add your own Addons
-Simple Enabling / Disabling of Mods
-WoT Cache Cleaner and Monitor Coordinate Tool included
-Simple "Clean Install" of Wot res_mods Directory

-NO advertising

Change log: 

NEW: Anti WG Spy Function added !
NEW: Added Wot Tweaker Function to improve FPS (GAME --> Wot Tweaker)
NEW: AutoRepair with GUI Options
NEW: Possible to open FONT Folder.
NEW: Possible to Upload a Picture from the Shoutbox
IMPROVE: Remove some Old Settings
IMPROVE: Possible to Update Game Files with GeeMod Updater.
IMPROVE: Server access Speed
CHANGE: Sixt Sense default Picture Size (New: 190x190, Old: 150x150)
FIX: Incorrect Message if you open the Setting File of a Mod.